Single room

Our single rooms offer comfortable and quiet accommodation.
Internet access, flat screen television.


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Equipment & comfort

  • Free Wifi access
  • Heating / Air conditioning
  • Flat screen TV
  • Mini fridge
  • Safety deposit box
  • Hair dryer on request
  • Direct line telephone
  • Bath or shower
  • WC


Room details

Number of beds 1 person
Room Service included
1 large bed 1.40 m x 1.90 m
Breakfast served in the dining room or on the terrace Free


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Booking conditions

To guarantee the reservations, a deposit will have to be paid

By bank cheque, bank transfer, credit card, cash or holiday vouchers.


Deposit amount:

  • 30% for long stays
  • 50% for stays of less than 3 days
  • 50 % or all (depending on the period) for a single day


In case of cancellation:

The deposit is a compensation that is used to repay the hotelier for the damage suffered and is not refundable.


Good to know:

Some bank cards provide “refund" insurance in the event of cancellation of a tourist stay, for sums that have been paid by bank card (e.g. deposit).

Ask your bank for more information.


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